Second Story Ranch – Website Contract

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Customer is retaining Company to design and develop a website that will consist of 8 pages and Customer agrees that it will be responsible to pay an additional $50 per page beyond that specified above. Pursuant to this Agreement, Company will be performing the following in relation to the design and development of Client’s website. Although Customer has final approval over the design and development process, such approval will not be unreasonably withheld.

  • Develop Website Layout: Up to 3 revisions within 15 days
  • Design Website Graphics
  • Host Website for Customer
  • Links to Internal/External Pages
  • Set up E-Mail
  • Set up Content Management System (CMS)
  • Other:Includes photo slider, Image gallery and submision forms.

Customer is required to provide content and/or images for use on the Website (“Client Content”). Client Content will be delivered to Company no later than required to remain on schedule and to allow Company to fulfill its requirements under this Agreement. If Customer provides any changes before delivering the final version of the website, then both parties will discuss in good faith and agree on any specific changes that may need to be changed as well as any additional time or payment that may be required in order for Company to make such changes. Any such changes must be agreed to by both parties and must be in writing.


[nzs_heading heading=”1″] Estimated Cost [/nzs_heading]Estimated  amount is $850


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